Stronger for longevity

In contrast with the majority of hobby CNC routers on the market, the heavy mill was designed stronger, with industrial components, for more serious enthusiasts and small shops looking to bring prototyping and small scale production in house.

Designed to last many years with minimal maintenance, the heavy mill is sturdy and difficult to damage.

Infinitely more rigid than its competition the Heavy Mill can work harder, in more materials,  all day long.



Extending a hobby? Starting or ramping up your business?  Everything you need to get started with CNC routing



1000mm2 or 1500mm2 (1/2 sheet)


All Power supplies, fans, cabling, enclosure etc supplied in the kit

Homing / Limit Switches

Homing and Limits switches on all axis

CNC Controller

AIO controller, Masso Controller or BYO


1500w, 2200w or BYO



Everything you need to get cutting

Local to You


Build Support

Localised forum & showcase

Spare parts stocked in EU and Australia

Multiple free and paid software options

Simple Build instructions

Technical Info

Each machine configuration loses some cutting area from its X & Y footprint size.

  • The 1000mm2 Machine has a cutting area of approx 900 x 780 x 110 mm
  • The 1500mm2 Machine has a cutting area of approx 1310 x 1280 x 110mm

There is approximately 105mm clearance under the X Carriage.  How deep you can cut will also be limited by the type of cut and the type of cutting tool you are using.

  • X plane: around 0.075mm
  • Y plane: around 0.075mm
  • Z plane: around 0.05mm

Factors such as machine rigidity V cutting loads, spindle runout, backlash etc all come into play when carving.      

Timbers of all kinds:

  • Hardwoods, Softwoods, Engineered timbers such as Ply, MDF etc


  • Acetal  (Delrin), HDPE, ABS
  • Most others - note all plastics machine differently, some nicely some... not so!

Soft Metals:

  • Aluminium, Brass, Bronze

 Modelling foams, plaster, carbon fibre sheet, ... just about anything your willing to try that is not ferrous metal or stone based.  Please do some research into the health risks and safety precautions around machining the materials before you begin slicing them up.

We recommend, Fusion 360!

  • It's a super powerful full-blown 3D CAD & CAM package.
  • Runs on MAC or PC
  • its free*

There are many, many other free and paid options, the two most used and discussed online are Vectric V Carve & Fusion 360 which we also highly recommend.

*Fusion 360 is free for startups,  hobbyists and students.  Chances are that you will fall within these categories and should you not, its available on a very affordable subscription.

The Machine is in kit form, everything included however as a kit it’s far from turnkey. So we always remind potential customers that if you have a pressing need – kit form is not for you. There are many skill sets to bring together from the mechanical build, basic electronics, CAD, CAM to machining principals etc. and as a result its a great hobby for some period before it’s a useful tool. Having a deadline looming will not help the experience;)

Lastly, Depending on the configuration ordered, shipping will be 1-5 days from order and generally delivered via 3-4 Day service for Metro NSW/ACT/QLD/VIC/SA or 4-8 day service for regional and & WA/NT/TAS.

Configure your Heavy Mill and purchase now!