About 3DTek.xyz

3dTek are based in Canberra Australia & Peterborough England.


We develop and distribute premium kits and machines for additive and subtractive manufacturing. Our goal is to supply the highest quality products at affordable prices. Our CNC router kits come with everything you need to get running, in one box. Building a 3DTEK kit is not only fun and rewarding, but it also keeps costs down and teaches you how to understand your machine.

With warehousing and stock available in Australia and the United Kingdom, 3DTEK can ship to you immediately to get started with those projects quicker than anyone else. Why wait weeks for overseas stock and pay hundreds more than you need to?

Alongside 3DTEK’s machine offering, our extensive range of consumables will keep you going, no matter what. We always strive to have stock on hand and also some attractive alternatives to what you normally go for. Why not join the community in our forum and discuss your project?

Should you have any questions, 3DTEK are on hand to help. We look forward to supporting your journey, wherever it may go.